Dragon Ball Super episode 50 English Subbed

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  • jonathan yang

    I’m pretty sure if goku can’t defeat balck goku because we know he stronger every time you turn into super sayain form that is what trunks said to goku. If goku can’t defeat black goku I’m pretty sure gohan will avenge his father, we know he lost his mystic powers due to school study. If he still has his mystic power yeah pretty sure he’ll defeat black goku. Mystic powers is beyond any sayain level 1,2,3 he can fight without transformed.

    • mazeen

      he dont have mystic powers

      • haasin

        gohan right

        • mazeen


    • Sanders

      I would rather bet on Pan defeating Black, than Gohan getting his powers back.

  • abc

    black goku is someone obviously strong and evil fused with goku, the earing derpppp

  • Alexi H Cholakian

    This is the guy the God of Destruction saw in his vision

  • The Guy

    Vegeta is better than goku and cell and black goku

  • Shenron

    black goku is a kai possessed in goku’s body

  • Future trunks

    The timer says dbs ep 50 live 00.00.00 yet i cant watch it?

    • asdad

      thats until its everyware else LIVE now we have to wait an hour it to be in raw form i just saw 30 sec of the live its pretty cool

  • Samsu Din

    Saitama will defeat black goku